Pastor Mitch's Devotions

On this page, Pastor Mitch shares some of his personal devotions. This is meant to encourage you and help you as you walk with God and hear Him speak into your life. Pastor Mitch follows a formula that was taught to him several years ago. It is as follows:

- Pick a bible passage.

- Write out your key thought (what sticks out to you).

- Write out your reaction to the thought. Write as though you are talking to God. Start by greeting God then tell Him what you think or ask Him a question. 

- Write out God’s response. Write the thoughts that come to you. Write them as if they were coming from God. Write whatever thoughts you get.

- Pray about what God has said. Share what God has said.

How do I know if this was God or just me?

1. Does it speak to you? Does it speak to something in your life?

2. Does it line up with scripture? God never says something that will not agree with what He says in the Bible.

3. Does it resonate with others? Tell those you trust what God has said and get their reactions.

4. Pray and Practice. As you pray about this and as you continue to do it you will begin to know what is God and what is you.


This method is not a replacement for God's written word, but it is meant to be a personal word from God to you for your life based on God's written word. God's voice is real, personal and will cause us to change as we listen to it.


We pray that by reading these you will be encouraged to seek God's voice in your life, that you may be attentive to God's voice and follow His leading in your life.